Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn May Have Written Together for Her New Album

When Taylor Swift announced her 8th studio album, folklore, she also told fans who her co-writers were -- listing notables like Jack Antonoff, The Nationals frontman Aaron Dessner, Bon Iver, and the more obscure William Bowery.

T sorta has a thing for pseudonyms -- Nils Sjoberg, anyone? -- so the theory is that this WiLLiAm BoWeRy might actually be her LoVeR, Joe Alwyn. Why?

Well, for one, they met for the first time at the Bowery Hotel in New York. And in addition to that, Joe's great grandfather was a composer named William.

I'm totally buying into this, if for no other reason than it's romantic as hell.

Have you watched Taylor's new music video for Cardigan, yet?! Check it out below!

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