Britney Spears May Be Sending A Chilling Message with Code from 'Frozen'

The #FreeBritney movement [centered around the popstar's controversial conservatorship] continues to gain momentum, as eagle-eyed fans notice more and more oddities regarding her Instagram posts.

One TikTok user was able to pinpoint a pretty chilling coincidence (?) using a Q+A video Britney shared last week.**Note: Nobody really knows who asked Britney these relatively generic questions, as pretty much everyone in the comments only wants to know if she's okay.

Anyway, she told followers that her favorite movie was Frozen, and that she went to sleep every night at "11:30-12."

@greekgirl91 -- who says she works in television -- went to that corresponding time-stamp in Frozen, and the line that Elsa speaks is... scary. Check it out below.

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