BTS Sets Records with First All-English Single 'Dynamite'

I'll never forget a few years ago when my big brother introduced me to K-Pop supergroup BTS.

One look at J-Hope's smile [and perfectly executed dance moves] was enough to make me fall in love and pledge my allegiance to ARMY, so you can imagine how thrilling its been to see them build their presence in the U.S.

The heartthrobs actually just dropped their first all-English language single, a feel-good disco track called Dynamite. The music video shattered YouTube records, with an estimation of over 3 million viewers tuning in to the premiere at midnight. The latest view count sits at a ~*CaSuAL*~ 53 million in just 9 hours.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that almost everything sucks in 2020, so if you need an emotional pick-me-up, this video will do the trick. You might even feel like dancing.

Don't forget to tune into our iHeart Radio Music Festival September 18th and 19th to see BTS perform!

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