Matthew McConaughey Reading A Bedtime Story Will Soothe Your Weary Soul

A couple of weeks ago -- or maybe a hundred years ago -- Harry Styles nearly broke the Calm app when he partnered with them to read us all a bedtime story. Many fans found that they had never been less sleepy in their lives, but hey, we enjoyed it none-the-less.

And as everything sucks this year, executives at Calm have reported increased streaming -- particularly in the case of Matthew McConaughey's sleep story, Wonder. [Apparently it's been streamed 11 million times.]

I didn't even know he had one, so this was a happy surprise for me this morning. I'll admit, I don't fangirl over him the way I do Harold; but he does have a soothing voice, and all I want lately is to chill.

So if your soul is tired and you need some ~*ReLaXaTiOn*~, you can see what all the hype is about below.

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