Nashville Black-Owned Business Finds Confederate Flag Box Hung from Tree

CEO LaDonna Boyd just shared photos of a box decorated to look like the confederate flag that was hung from a tree on the property of R.H. Boyd -- a Black-owned, Christian publishing corporation in Nashville.

"We will neither be intimidated nor silenced," she said in an Instagram post.

Metro Police sent members of their bomb squad to the scene, who luckily found nothing dangerous in the box. Apparently there was a note inside, but it was illegible due to rain damage.

Surrounding businesses are reportedly reviewing their surveillance videos to see if they're able to help identify the perpetrators.

"I'm not surprised, it's just, it's sad, and it's unfortunate, and for someone to stand behind something like a Confederate flag... obviously they lost the war, and white supremacists are also going to lose this battle as well," Boyd told news outlets.

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