Zac's In Home Consultation With California Closets Nashville!

WHEW! 2021 is the year that I finally decided to actually organize our guest bedroom/office!

I know that everyone has that room... where you just store everything that you don't know what to do with.. that's exactly what happened to the clutter-fest of our guest bedroom/office.

I got so tired of looking at the mess and decided to call California Closets Nashville ** AKA THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS**

I promised I would take you on the journey with me! SO, I called California Closets Nashville -- YES A REAL PERSON ANSWERED - scheduled my in-home consultation, and then BOOM! My magical fairy Danielle Dunn showed up!

Danielle walked through our space, LISTENED TO ME ** what a weird concept** and designed a beautiful space that is going to be so functional for both working at home and having people stay with us!

Take a look at our in home consultation below!! DANIELLE TO THE RESCUE!!

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