Zac's In-Home Installation of California Closets Nashville!

My guest bedroom in my house definitely became one of those spaces that I literally just threw EVERYTHING in, shut the door and acted like it never existed LOL

With quarantine & working from home -- my boyfriend and I were DESPERATE to reclaim the space and actually make it functional for us to work, yet still have a place for people to stay **if and when anyone comes over LOL**

-- The real reason we wanted the wall bed was because we didn't see the need to dedicate and entire room for a bed to sit in all year long and only actually get slept in like 3 times a year. That just didn't make a lot of sense to us.

After hours of scrolling through tik-tok, watching HGTV videos and The Home Edit, we did what ANYONE with common sense would do.. WE CALLED IN THE EXPERTS!

California Closets Nashville are the BEST in the business! There are a ton of companies out there **believe me, I spent hours on all of their websites lol** -- but we decided to go with California Closets Nashville because they had the best reviews, they have the highest trained design team AND their installation team are actual employees of the company, instead of some weird 3rd party company.

After the consultation and showroom visit, IT WAS FINALLY the day for installation! The crew showed up and brought in the entire system PIECE BY PIECE. I know whenever you think of shelves or desks or whatever, you think of pre-made stuff and they just plop it in your house. NOPE! Not with California Closets Nashville! They brought it in individually and built the entire system from the ground up, making sure it fit around every outlet plug, the baseboard, EVERYTHING!

So they finished the installation IN THE SAME DAY. Literally came in, built it, and left all in the same day! THE BEST PART -- they cleaned it better than it was before, so you would never know it was legit put in that day!

ANYWAY -- here are some photo's of the installation process of my new guest bedroom/office!

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