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Chris Pratt and the "Thoughts And Prayers" Dilemma

We all know that the internet can sometimes be a wonderful place where collective opinion turns into definitive action.  On the other hand, it can sometimes be a very stupid place full of misguided anger and irrational comments.  

This story falls under the latter category.

Chris Pratt, who was recently under fire for (GASP!) eating animals that were raised on his farm, is in hot Twitter water again, this time for something as innocent as sending "Thoughts and prayers" to a fellow celebrity.

The term "thoughts and prayers", in general, is under scrutiny, especially after countless politicians sent up empty "thoughts and prayers"  following the tragedy in Parkland just a couple weeks ago.

Chris Pratt, as well-intentioned as he was, is not exempt from criticism.

These arguments, while I don't necessarily agree with them, have their merit in certain situations.  However, in a situation like this, other than "thoughts and prayers", what else can Chris really do? His former director James Gunn took to Twitter to defend his friend, and I have to say I agree with this rant EXACTLY

This has nothing to do with the religious implications of prayer, or the belief in its healing power.  The frustration with the term comes from people in a position to actually solve a problem offering their "thoughts and prayers" as a hollow expression in lieu of taking actions that are within their means and abilities to take.  To Gunn's point, Chris Pratt is not a doctor, nor is Kevin Smith in dire need of financial help.  "Thoughts and prayers" is a nice sentiment from a person who does, in fact, believe in the healing power of prayer, and a gesture of hope from one man to another.  

So, internet, I'm asking you to lay off Chris Pratt. Not for the sake of Chris Pratt - I don't know the guy - but for the sake of the sanity of the human population.  There are far bigger issues in the world than a Twitter exchange between two celebrities.  

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