This Week's Thoughts On 'The Bachelorette' From A Newbie

To continue my new journey into "The Bachelorette," I give you my thoughts on the second episode of Katie's season.

To quickly recap from last week, it was mostly just introductions to all the contestants. There were some great guys that came through and also some that were easy to forget. If you want to read my full thoughts on the first season you can find it here.

Let's get into the second episode of the season, shall we.

There are a lot of adorable moments that will make you feel allllll the feels. The moments that stood out to me were:

-Katie opened up to Greg about her past and her father, which brings her to tears. The two of them share this very intimate moment as they have a one-on-one fishing date. Things get a even deeper later on when Greg opens up about how fishing with his father is one of the fondest memories he has of their relationship. Its clear to see the two of them definitely have a connection as they both comforted one another during their vulnerable moments. I'm happy to see some depth to the show that, as a first time viewer, I wasn't expecting. Not that I want to see anyone cry, but the openness of it all gives better insight to who each of them are.

-Andrew S. saw Katie in distress (I'll explain why below) and made it a point to bring her champagne and a hug. They then shared their own intimate moment of opening up about growing up without a lot of money. You could see the adoration between the two grow as they go back and forth on the topic. I loved this moment extra because Andrew S. is my early favorite and this just really confirmed I made a great choice.

For all the loving and cutesy moments, this episode was also FULL OF DRAMA. I was totally on board for this, especially after the weird confrontation that happened between Cody and Aaron last week that made absolutely no sense to me at all. Here are some thoughts on the mayhem that ensued:

-The start of this drama seems pretty classic for the franchise and even I know that, despite never having watched it before. Turns out Cody wasn't there for the "right reasons" (a phrase used so much that I kind of want to slam my head into a wall by the end of the episode). Aaron picked a fight with Cody last week and again this week because he believes all Cody wants is fame. Totally makes sense that there would be at least ONE of them there for this reason, no matter how messed up that is. When confronted about this situation, Cody didn't do himself any favors as he fumbled over his words and didn't seem genuine. With that being said, I also DO NOT trust Aaron. There's just something about him that doesn't sit right with me. Katie sent Cody home before the episode was over.

-At this point, you think the drama is done... BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG. I'm slightly confused why it would go any further, but I guess there always has to be someone there to make matters worse. Just as all the mayhem is starting to dwindle, this one guy (who I refuse to learn his name) tells Katie that there are definitely MORE guys that are not there for the "right reasons." He refuses to tell her who any of them are and instead makes her question every single person as well as her sanity. So basically this guy sucks. In the end, all the guys are losing their minds over who the HECK it could be that's not there for the "right reasons" and turn on the sucky guy (rightfully so). There's a lot of yelling and tensions are high.
Award for the most awkward moment goes to:

-The way Katie finds out Mike is a virgin. During group dates, Mikes ends up being part of the group who goes on a performance date all about sex. What's more uncomfortable for a virgin than sex? Like, c'mon! This poor guy had to endure question after question about his sex life that he couldn't answer and was left with literal question marks. Katie obviously doesn't judge him for the fact he's a virgin, but it's weird that they coaxed this out of him in such an aggressive way. Didn't sit right with my soul, I'll tell ya that!

Last thought:

If I were Katie, I would throw them all in the trash and start over OR just pick Andrew S. Everyone else is getting on my last nerve already and it's only week two.

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