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Stranger Things Pop Up Bar Opens in Nashville

Ladies and gents, its time to head to Hawkins! HQ Beercade in Nashville has opened the "Hawkins Arcade: A Stranger Things Halloween Experience"! The pop up, which will remain open through Halloween, will take you through the Upside Down, Castle Byers, Starcourt Mall, and more.

Here's the thing though...HQ Beercade doesn't mess around when it comes to pop ups. They recently completed a Wizard of Oz popup that was absolutely STUNNING! The pop up features art installations, special events, and specialty themed food and drinks!

The drinks are unbelievable by the way!

ELEVEN: The cocktail features peach-infused bourbon maple syrup, lemon, and mint! And of course, its topped with a mini Egoo waffle!

De-Marg-Organ: This one is a twist on the classic margarita! It uses scarlet hibiscus-infused tequila and is garnished with blue salt along the rim.

The Mind Player: apple cinnamon Jameson, cranberry juice, and apple cider make this the PERFECT fall drink! I really can't think of anything more "fall" than this...

The Pumpkin Patch: I mean...its fall. You didn't really expect there NOT to be a pumpkin drink, did you? The pumpkin spiced colada combines dark and spice rums and is perfect for all of us basic b*****s!

"Hawkins Arcade: A Stranger Things Halloween Experience" will be open through Halloween and they've even set aside special times for ALL AGES guests. From 4-6pm Monday-Thursday, guests of all ages can visit the bar to experience the pop up in all its glory!

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